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The Rooted Growth System

The Rooted Growth mentality starts with all three business sections are rooted firmly and supported in solid business practices. There are three main areas that Rooted Growth feels are the most important in order to keep your tree upright. These foundation roots allow for your business to grow big and tall without falling over. If you’re missing any of the three main roots you start to lean like a palm tree in a hurricane. This develops into unstable practices and possible crumbling of the entire support system.

Obviously there are not only three simple roots to every business owner’s problems. In addition to the roots a tree must grow its five main branches of a successful business. Each of these branches help to give a business the tools needed for success. Without each of the branches your tree begins to lose its shape and could end up being sold as a bonsai to Mr. Myagi.

We specialize in working with entrepreneur and startups on how to grow strong from the very start. So many businesses go out before they even get a chance. Sit down with us for a business plan overhaul to go through each step and make sure you are ready to grow. In addition to the one on one consulting Rooted Growth will offer business plan writing seminars and classes throughout the year. If a group setting really gets you in the creative mood then make sure to check out upcoming options for ones that fit your industry.

Sorting through the strengths and weaknesses of your business, in order to find areas that need the most improvement is best done through a one-on-one consultation. We work with you to build a road map of recovery that gets you ready for the growth you deserve. If you’re not able to partake in upcoming seminars or just want a more personal setting, look into setting up a consultation and let us show you what we can offer not only your business but your bottom line as well.